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Where to download Free Video Tutorial that you needed

In this post, I will introduce some place that you can find and download free video tutorial.

In most cases, you must pay some money to download video tutorial. But if you are not yet use it to make money, or you just want to learn something, to pay for the tutorial is not a cool way.

So, the content bellow will tell you how to download free video tutorial just for personal use.

# Where to find video tutorial that can be downloaded?


the link above is the site that release video tutorial everyday. But if you want to download it, you must become a VIP member. The price is ¥50/month .

# Where to download video tutorial that you find above

If you don’t want to pay anything for that vidwo tutorial, the way is to search the resource in the BT network.


The link above is the site that can search 7 torrent sites in one time.

Commonly, if the resource is appeared in the 0daydown site, it will be also in the torrent site.

# How to download video tutorial in a faster speed

You can use Xunlei to download the resource, because it has a tech that if anyone download it once, you can download it from the xunlei’s server cache. But you must pay ¥10/month to use that tech.

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