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Google Fonts is Banned in China just today

Today, I just visit my blog as usual. But after spending two minutes on loading the homepage, I found that the browser still can’t display my page. So I began to wondering why this things could be happened today on my site?

I opened Chrome Dev Tool and change to the network tab to see what was going on when I loading my webpage.

2 minutes later, the results was showing bellow


The css file from is still pending after 2.5 min. So the page dom can’t refresh because this css file doesn’t load correctly.

After a quick search, I found this css file just appeared if user is login. Otherwise the css file will not appear.

But the origin of this error happen is because the Google Fonts API is banned in China.

It not happened before, it just happens today.

So I can’t understand, why just banned it today.

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