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关于H100i V2在X99-DELUXE II下开机出现CPU FAN ERROR问题

最近一次重启后,突然发现在BIOS自检阶段出现CPU FAN ERROR错误,提示CPU风扇未安装或转速错误,需要进入BIOS进行重新设置。但是进入BIOS后CPU温度和风扇都一切正常,重启后依旧显示CPU FAN ERROR


I just tried two more troubleshooting steps this evening:

1 – Updated BIOS to the most current version (1401)
No change, still experiencing CPU Fan Error message and no pump RPM within UEFI

2 – Plugged the H100i RPM wire into CAS_FAN header
No change, still experiencing CPU Fan Error message and no pump RPM within UEFI

I have confirmed that when a case fan is plugged into CPU_FAN, CPU_OPT, or CAS_FAN header the UEFI recognizes the fans RPM but when the H100i is plugged into those same headers the UEFI sees no RPM. This confirms that all of the fan headers on the motherboard operate correctly, but for whatever reason the motherboard won’t see the H100i pump RPM.

I feel it necessary to reiterate the fact that my PC is in a pre-operating system state and is completely stock (no OS installed/not overclocked/no UEFI changes made).

Any other suggestions from anybody or is it time to start the RMA process?


1.在出现开机POST画面前,H100i V2的标识不亮,水泵未启动

2.出现开机POST画面后,H100i V2标识灯亮,水泵正常运行

3.在开机至POST画面出现前,H100i V2无法被主板识别


Finally received the warranty replacement H100i today. Took about a week for the unit to ship to Corsair and another week to ship back to me.

Installed the new H100i the exact same way I installed the original one and now it works as intended.

No more “CPU Fan Error” message and a valid pump RPM recognized within the BIOS.

Thank you all for the help along the way and thank you Corsair for the excellent customer support. Now I can finally finish this build and start enjoying a large back catalogue of games.

最后,更换H100i V2,故障不再出现

综上,因为进入BIOS后和进入系统后H100i V2均能够正常工作,只有开机时识别不出H100i V2,而在开机至进入BIOS前没有驱动接管水泵,推测应该是其自身的控制元件出现了问题。


方案1:更换H100i V2

方案2:在BIOS中关闭自检警告后需要等待用户按F1的选项,开机时自动忽略CPU FAN ERROR提示,进入系统后H100i V2可正常运行。


之后有一次安装电器需要切断总开关,再次开机后,突然发现之前的报错都消失了,H100i V2也像以前一样正常工作没有任何问题。

分析可能是华硕主板的某个供电逻辑出现了错误,导致开机的时候主板没有给H100i V2供电。而主板每次关机和重启都会一直记忆上次的供电逻辑,所以只有彻底掉电之后,主板的逻辑才进行了复位,而H100i V2就又可以被主板识别了。

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